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In todays hectic world, it’s easy to become immersed in sales related activities and lose sight of the full picture. While it is excellent to be focussed on your goals and objectives, it is equally important to maintain a universal connection. To be part of something bigger than yourself.

Right now, you are likely accomplished at the visible and tangible aspects of your profession. You create rapport with customers, build desire for your product, and ask for the sale. In addition to these concrete dimensions of gaining business, there is also a complementary unseen level of selling. This new field encompasses how you feel about yourself, your product, your client, and the world at large. These invisible and intangible components constitute your sales spirit. The stronger it becomes the more you will advance.

Each day, do something to build up your spiritual self. For example:

1) stop thinking for a minute

2) pay attention to the silence

3) catch an early morning sunrise

4) listen to the rain

5) help another with a kind deed

6) say ‘yes’ to life

7) contemplate what is beyond the beyond

In parallel with developing your sales acumen, magnetize your sales spirit. Doing so will provide you with a lifetime of advantages. The enhanced way you feel about yourself and your place will translate into greater success and happiness. Be aware that your inner sales spirit shapes your outer sales world.