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There are three underlying actions integral to every sale. Keeping them in mind will help you identify how you can better capitalize on your strengths and build a stronger sales dialogue.

Absorb prospects into the buying experience. Accomplished sales people are masters at drawing in customers. The environment they create begins with the right upbeat attitude and follows through with a demonstrated strong interest in helping customers. To better capture client’s attention and imagination, figuratively add colour and vibrancy to the world you are constructing. Speak slowly. Ask questions customers find interesting. Astutely listen. Connect more deeply. Dedicate yourself to helping clients and giving them your best advice.

Build a compelling case for your product or service. Create desire for fulfillment. Once you are clear on what the customer wants, present your product or service in such a way as to heighten its appeal. Intersperse talking about the benefits of what you are selling with targeted questions. Establish a purchasing mindset by affirming why the item is the right choice for the buyer. Have three excellent reasons why the prospect should make the purchase. Always be helpful and truthful. Sell with integrity.

Close the customer. Always be in the process of serving people and gaining the business. In this sense you are continually closing. Getting the sale is the natural progression of your efforts. You absorb the client, build desire, and close the sale. As you have done a good job creating appeal for your product and briefing the customer about the benefits for them, you can confidently move forward to secure the business. If you are unable to close, endeavour to identify what is standing in the way of getting the sale. Directly address the person’s reservation(s). Beyond the first closing attempt, give the individual another reason to buy.

Over the next month implement one action you can take to better absorb customers into the buying experience. Then move to the build and close dynamics mentioned. Strengthening your sales ABC’s is a promising route to continued success in today’s world.