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Take a moment to think about how you view failure. For most of us, losing has a negative connotation. A goal, a desired outcome, has been missed. ‘Also rans’ are seldom admired in our competitive business world. People say they have lost out.

There are numerous setbacks in sales. Top producers have learned how to utilize failure. They understand that every “no” eventually leads to making the sale. The key is to keep going forward.

When you fail to achieve your objective, put the missed target in perspective and learn from it. Remind yourself you are in the process of improving. You are still in the game. Give yourself a pat on the back for continuing to compete. Acknowledge what you did well. Identify one thing you can do better. In your mind’s eye, see yourself confidently and enthusiastically making the sale. Be persistent. Take interludes to rest along the way. Reflect on your progress.

Who has made more mistakes – a concert pianist or a beginning student who has given up? Seen from the vantage point of continuous learning, missteps are an integral component of your sales journey. As a matter of fact, even taking three steps back and two forward define success if that second step for today is made with conscious intent and determination.

In your quest for sales mastery, keep pushing gently ahead. Always be supportive of your efforts to improve. Know with certainty you will get better.

From now on, consider changing your relationship with failure. You will realize that there is no success like failure in order to succeed.