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It’s natural to compare your sales results with others, contrasting your success with what your peers have accomplished. Keeping an eye on the competition with a view towards how you measure up can be an integral component of your professional development activities, serving as a check of where you are now and the direction you are headed.

At the same time, too much attention on how colleagues are doing can undermine your improvement efforts, taking attention away from what you should be focussing on. The key is to utilize others’s gains to motivate yourself forward, and to boost yourself up.

If someone on your team consistently out-sells you, be pleased you have a role model to inspire you. Ask yourself what this top performer is doing that you might incorporate into your own presentation style. Select an attribute you are excited about acquiring. How will it help you to be more of your engaging self?

Instead of directly copying an individual’s behaviour, put your own spin, your own mark on the skill you intend to acquire. Pay particular attention to the outcome you want to realize. In your imagination, see yourself demonstrating the new competency. Feel good about your potential. How does your own application differ from the person you are observing?

When comparative benchmarking your sales performance with someone else, start from a position of strength. Reference what you are doing well. What aspects of your craft are you pleased with? Are there one or two things you could do better? Is there a small change or adjustment you could make that will give you a large pay out? Will this improvement be sustainable?

On a metaphysical level, putting too much emphasis on skill gaps is equivalent to denying your capabilities and the talent that makes you special. Use other’s successes to re-discover your own journey. Keep doing what is right and correct for you. Define victory in your own terms.

One of the best ways to measure up is to recognize your vast potential to apply what you do well more broadly. Fully believe in your current capabilities. Harbour optimism regarding your career path. It’s prudent to occasionally check in on the competition but mostly stay in your own lane.