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25 Sales Boosters

Crossley, Thane, Ph.D., Toronto 2015

Do you recognize that harboring a feeling of gratitude can expand your sales opportunities? Or that a fanciful flight of imagination is more profitable than a rational brainstorming session?

Whether you’re a seasoned sales person or new to the profession, this invaluable resource reveals 25 concrete ways to enhance your skills and move beyond the competition.

Drawing from thousands of coaching consultations with business masters, 25 Sales Boosters serves as a mentor-like reference, offering real-life examples and time tested methods to help you increase profits and achieve greater sales success.


  • Feel greater confidence
  • Stay motivated
  • Close more sales
  • Find career joy

“Enthusiasm sells. As you project excitement and satisfaction about your work, you are more easily able to persuade and influence others. Customers sense your upbeat disposition. They are likely to enjoy interacting with someone who is genuinely eager to assist them.” (Chapter Six, p21)

“When you think about being in a sales dialogue, visualize yourself as the person you desire to be. Picture yourself as slightly more self-assured than you are now.” (Chapter Twelve, p48)