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The purpose of life is to evolve, to learn, and to discover new and better ways of applying our craft. To sell better and more.

Today’s world moves quickly. If we are not deliberately strengthening our capabilities we are likely sliding behind our competitors. Staying on the right developmental path is crucial for continuously adding to our skills and knowledge.

There is an approach to professional growth that is both simple and effective. It only takes a few minutes each week. The process is stand alone; alternatively it will nicely complement whatever other advancement plans you may be following.

In your schedule, book yourself for five minutes every Friday afternoon. The same time each week works best. During this period, reflect on your recent sales transactions. What went well? What is one thing you can do to improve? Journalize your thoughts and ideas.

At first, you may be unsure of what to record. A good objective for your short session is to note your sales successes over the past week along with one specific action you can take to excel. Gradually implement your best ideas. Hold yourself accountable.

In sales, you have a wonderful opportunity to make the most of your current capabilities along with building for the future. Invest in yourself. Keep pushing gently forwards at the pace that is correct for you.