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When you have a moment between sales activities, direct your attention inwards and connect with the energy field that animates your being. This is your life force. Sense its presence. You might say to yourself: “I am focussing on my life force” or, “I am now in touch with my spirit”. Feel the aliveness in your body. Remain connected for 30 seconds.

Just the act of paying more attention to your vital force will automatically increase its intensity. We tend to get more of what we pay attention to. A second, parallel way to bolster your vitality is to simply recognize and appreciate it to a greater extent. Rather than over analyzing this endeavour, approach it in a different way, for example with the wonderment and fascination of a child.

Before an important client meeting, take half a minute to supercharge your presence. Quiet your mind. Direct your attention inwards. Resonate with your spirit. Then go forward and have a wonderful client dialogue.

Advanced practitioners can send life force to others. Utilizing the method outlined, they would quiet their mind, think of the individual they want to influence or assist, and then project ‘good will’ energy to that individual.

Another application is to send the force ahead of you so that you encounter it in your daily travels. Recognize that the more you cultivate, the more you will receive.

Your life force, your essence, is one of the few things you can keep when you transition from this life. Stay with it. In turn, it will stay with you.