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Most sales people talk too much. They dominate the sales dialogue. While capturing your prospect’s attention with a convincing pitch is wonderful, to truly absorb a customer into the buying experience you need to get the individual emotionally involved. Get them talking. Then, while astutely listening to what the person in front of you is saying, you can assist them to make a purchase. Your job as a salesperson is to help people buy.

Here are two tips to becoming a better listener. Over the next month implement one of these into your sales routine. Then, when you are ready, add the next listening enhancement strategy to your arsenal. Hold yourself accountable for doing so. Make a professional commitment now to forever listen up. Becoming a master listener will also help you in your personal life. People will look forward to speaking with you because you make them feel special.

1) Quiet your mind. Prior to conversing with a customer, take a moment to consciously silence you internal conversation so you can pay attention to the person you are meeting with. Think of this as ‘tuning your mind to a new channel.’ At this wavelength you move away from incessant chatter to an enhanced listening mode. The more you practice this the easier and more natural it will become.

2) Pause before responding. Pause for a second prior to addressing a customer’s enquiry or comment. By doing so, you will automatically pay more attention to them. The client will sense you are fully present. They will feel you are taking the time to understand them and what they want. Also, in especially difficult or challenging situations, taking this brief refreshing pause will help you have a higher quality response and a better solution to the client’s questions or concerns.

Top performers recognize the value of becoming exceptional listeners. They are always striving to improve their ability to connect with people. Let’s emulate their example and do likewise.