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Sales is both wonderfully rewarding and sometimes, incredibly tough. To be successful over the longer term, you need to consistently show excitement for your product and passion for your career.

Top professionals frequently check in with themselves, noting how they are doing and how their day is proceeding. They understand that enthusiasm sells. They know customers would rather deal with someone upbeat and energetic.

As you are in sales and sales is in you, it’s likely you are dynamic and charasmatic most of the time. There are also occasions where you are flat and running on empty.

In a sales scenario where you need more vibrancy there is a technique you can easily use to elevate your mood and disposition. It is deceptively simple yet powerful and effective. The more you utilize this methodology, the better it will work for you.

In your imagination, reach up and bring the sunshine down all around you. See yourself surrounded by a golden ball of radiant energy. Feel it infusing you with life. Every cell, organ, and system becomes rejuvenated. Breathe in this wonderful power source. Bask in the glow for a minute. Then return to your work activities.