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People talk to themselves more than they speak with others. Does it make a difference what you say to yourself? Metaphysical philosophers tell us that much of our reality is created in our minds before it is projected out into the world. We tend to symbolically experience what we think about the most.

Going forward, you can utilize the power of your thinking to boost your sales as well as to get more out of life.

Over the next week, give greater attention to your habits of thought – what you are entertaining in your mind. Especially note the extent to which your thoughts are taking you in the direction you want to go. Recognize when you are on a negative train (of thought) and how much time you spend there. Observe where you are (in your thinking). Don’t judge or label your thoughts as good or bad. Be supportive of where you are now and in your sincere desire to improve.

To move beyond too much negativity, you may want to create a sales mantra – an expression that captures your professional aspirations. Here are a few examples:

“I am calm, relaxed, and confident in all situations and circumstances.”

“I sell with confidence and enthusiasm.”

“Each day in every way I am getting better and better at sales.”

“Customers believe in me because I believe in myself.”

Take your time constructing your new belief. The important part is to make it yours. You may refine it several times as you go forward.

If you frequently catch yourself on a downward or limiting train of thought, recognize where you are and silently say “cancel – cancel”. Let that thought go. Let it drift away. Then quietly repeat your sales mantra a couple of times. Say it with feeling and with strong intent. Feel good about what you are doing. Then resume your normal sales activities.

Gently paying attention to what you are thinking, stopping unwanted thoughts by saying “cancel – cancel”, and getting back on the right track by stating your new mantra is an excellent way to better capitalize on your current resources and to build greater prosperity.