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The wonder and excitement of life. How is it for you? Many people stay on automatic pilot, going day after day without much thought about why they are here or what they really want. Being in a holding pattern is one option. Another is to revel in physical, mental, spiritual, and financial prosperity.

Psychologists tell us that we have more ability to craft our destiny than we readily recognize. The first step is to acknowledge our new power. The second step is to develop it, gradually and at the right pace. There is no need to force or strain. A definite intention is sufficient.

From now on, think of yourself as a mentally strong person – an individual who is very clear about how they want to feel and how they desire their life to unfold. Select a goal you would like to realize. For example, you want to ride all the way up a steep hill on your bicycle. With that intent in mind you know all you need to do is to practice going a little further each time. Recognize you can bring that certainty of result to virtually any worthwhile endeavour.

Start out with a small objective that has previously eluded you – an accomplishment that is a slight stretch. Several times a day, review your objective and remind yourself that you intend to reach it. You are in the process of doing so. As you take an easy breath in, hold the goal in mind. When you gently and slowly exhale, see or sense yourself reaching the target. Be convinced you will make progress. Feel good about the direction you are taking.

After you have achieved success with a few small goals, expand your horizon with larger ones you previously concluded were unobtainable. Use the methodology described above. Gradually master it.

Be open also to alternate forms of manifestation or goal attainment that are different from what you have anticipated. Metaphorically speaking, you never make it up that steep hill without stopping once to rest. However, you enjoy the ride more than ever and are tremendously happy and content. You welcome each day are are grateful to be forever alive. You sell with confidence and operate with integrity.

We are here to evolve, to grow, and to develop our understanding and capabilities. Each person’s path is different, depending on their needs. Give careful thought and consideration to what you want. Be clear on your intent. Build on your gifts of physical, mental, spiritual, and financial prosperity.