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When you are ready, answer these questions in your mind: What proportion of sales is a mental game? That is, how important is it to be confident, focussed, and motivated in your profession? As a success oriented person, what are you doing to elevate your belief in yourself, your goal orientation, and your drive to succeed?

It’s so important to believe in yourself and in your product. Keep reminding yourself what you are good at. In your imagination, see yourself as slightly more confident than you are now. What would that look like for you? How would you feel? What might you do differently or better? Envision having the increased confidence you seek. Gradually and consistently claim more of your potential. Make it your new reality.

There is a powerfully simple expression that explains much of how the human mind works. That saying is: “You tend to get more of what you are focussing on.” For example, if you are constantly thinking about how to earn more sales, you will likely come up with ideas for increasing business. Conversely, as you dwell on difficult situations and circumstances the obstacles you are facing will appear large.

Pay attention to your habits of thought – how you are thinking about your life and career. Be sure you are holding your attention on what you want. It’s fine to briefly consider the negative too, especially in terms of identifying problems and how you are going to address them. Be aware that the outer world you are experiencing now is a reflection of your inner world. Take a moment to consider what you are building up in your mind. Are you constructing the sales universe you desire, one thought at a time?

Motivation is often called ‘the key to ability’. To the extent your desire for a certain outcome is strong, you will figure out a way to achieve your target. Periodically review your goals and the reasons you want to reach them. Being clear on objectives and why they are important to you will help keep your motivation, your drive to succeed, strong.

To achieve anything worthwhile in life and a lot in sales, believe in yourself and remain resolutely focussed on what you want. Keep your motivation strong. These are the three metaphysical keys to greater success. Use them to your advantage.