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From time to time it’s a good idea to stand back and examine our habits of thought – the types of questions we are asking ourselves. Are our queries tapping into our deeper resources or are we courting defeat without consciously making this choice?

Let’s shift our focus and connect with what we truly and deeply want to receive. Then ask how to bring this about.

A good way to frame prosperity questions is to begin with the desired end state in mind. Think about the outcome you want to achieve. Then ask how you brought it about. You have the sales job of your dreams. How did you get it? You have saved enough for the best retirement ever. How did you do it? You doubled your sales in the quarter. How did this happen?

Once you have a good development question, one that excites you, keep gently pushing for answers about how to reach your desired outcome. The best ideas often arrive while your are engaged in another activity.

Bi-weekly, schedule a five minute brainstorming session where your target is to come up with one idea to support your end goal. As a busy and productive salesperson limit you time here to five minutes. One good suggestion per session is perfect. Begin to refine and implement your best ideas.

When you are mulling over a prosperity question you may need to put your rational mind on hold. Suspend analytical thinking. Let your creative mind come to the forefront. There is no need to force a solution. As your intent is sincere an answer will arrive.

You can utilize prosperity questions for generating ideas to enrich your life. For example you might want to be happier and more connected with the world. You imagine what that would be like for you. Beginning with the end goal in sight you reflect: “I have been wonderfully happy over the last year. What have I done to feel this way?” “I am in excellent physical, mental, spiritual, and financial shape. What changes have been made to make this my reality?”

Remarkable sales success over the longer term is often predicated by an inflow of valuable insights about how the world works. Be crystal clear on what you want. In your imagination see and feel your goal. Regularly resonate in that space. Ask creative intelligence what steps to take. Stay alert for answers. Follow through with right actions.