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Each professional day, take 30 seconds to experience gratitude. Answer the question: “What am I grateful for right now?” Or complete the sentence: “I am grateful for…. (being alive and well).”

Go with whatever spontaneously comes to mind. You may think of something small and seemingly insignificant or something with magnitude. For example, a recent sales success could be revisited. What is most important is that the feeling is true and genuine. Your 30 second practice objective is to be thankful and appreciative in the moment. Pause, reflect, and then resume your normal sales activities.

Choose a time to cultivate a grateful mindset that will best work for you. Move away from distractions. Quiet your mind and give all your attention to feeling gratitude. You can intensify your awareness by smiling as you consider what you appreciate now.

After you have done the exercise for a couple of months, you can utilize gratitude anytime you wish to elevate your mood or disposition. Connect with gratitude in your heart. Let it spread out from your centre, infusing every cell, organ, and system of your being.

Some sales people keep a gratitude journal, an informal record of what they are thankful for. A digital diary is fine. Even better is a small notebook with your own handwriting.

Making gratitude your sincere, respectful friend will help elevate your sales, and on the next level, greatly assist you in becoming the person you desire to be.