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Motivational speaker and author Dr. Joseph Murphy has presented a wonderful technique for increasing sales.

To boost material (or spiritual) prosperity, Murphy advises the salesperson to follow four steps:

  1. Relax your mind by letting go of any pre-existing thoughts.
  2. Once the mind is clear, focus on the words ‘wealth and success’, slowly repeating the two words for thirty seconds. Say “wealth, success; wealth, success; and so on…
  3. As you say the words, sense what wealth and success feels like for you. Suspend extraneous thoughts and resonate in that space for 20 to 30 seconds.
  4. Following this short exercise, reorient yourself to your work at hand.

The objective of Murphy’s thirty second exercise is to enter the world of wealth and success and to relish being there. Then you leave and get back to managing your day. That’s it.

Note over the next few months the extent to which wealth and success enter your life. Pay attention to other unexpected but welcomed forms of prosperity that arrive. For example acquiring new knowledge and wisdom. Or being happy and gaining peace of mind.

The ‘hidden in plain sight’ key to manifesting abundance and gains in your life is to experience what that feels like now, albeit in a different dimension. That new space you are creating is as real as the physical one you inhabit now. In fact, when you think about it deeply you recognize that over time, much of what you experience is born first in your imagination. Wealth. Success. Make them yours.