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In sales, you are either building up credits with people or losing them. What information or assistance are you giving clients that they find exceedingly valuable?

Your relationships with customers should have forward momentum, meaning that you are continually gaining more of their trust, confidence, and commitment. The only way you can do this is by influencing their thinking with your words and actions.

Today’s doctrine is more about taking care of people than taking advantage of them. When you provide customers with truly helpful advice you are investing in the relationship, and in the sale.

Maintain the right balance between advising and selling. This occurs naturally when you help your customers and when you believe in your product. You focus on helping the client select what is best for them. As you pick up the buying signals of interest and agreement, you can proceed with the transaction.

Be more thoughtful about developing more powerful client relationships. Out work and out sell the competition. Regularly consider how you can be more helpful and responsive. Plan what you will do to create a better buying experience. If you want to get more, you need to give more first. With a deliberate focus on ‘relationships plus’, more business will come your way.