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Conservative increases are often overlooked in favour of the big score. Small, consistent gains will provide amazing results over time.

Highly accomplished sales executives recognize how they can elevate their income by making small but meaningful improvements. They have an appreciation for the power of a steady and upward beat, gently pushing ahead.

Beginner representatives often place too much emphasis on getting the sale and not enough on the individual actions required to earn the business. After a series of repeated failures, they can prematurely disqualify themselves based on their ‘lack of success’ perceptions. An insightful and skilled manager can help the person by advising her or him to gradually improve each of the small steps that collectively contribute to a “yes”.

From a practical and results oriented perspective, it’s a great idea to harbour a sense of increase. Envision yourself improving. In your imagination, see yourself making consistent advances.

Anticipate success. Look forward to it. Then you just need to follow through and earn what becomes rightfully yours. Take one step now. When you are ready take another. Your sales career is a continual stream of opportunities.

If you are to stay connected to life, there will never be a time when you cease moving upward. As long as you make small gains you will have a bright future.