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In sales as well as in life, periodically assess where you are now with where you want to be. Pay particular attention to how you are feeling versus how you want to feel. Spend more time in your desired space.

You can lift your spirit quite quickly by aligning with your optimal state. For example, if you want to be more confident, get in touch with what that feels like. Recreate it in your mind. Recapture and replay confidence.

Several times a day, take a moment to direct your attention inward. How are you doing? When you check in with yourself, be sure to observe rather than judge. It is just fine if you are experiencing blocks or hurdles. These challenges are part of life. Welcome them. Accept where you are, and if you wish, slightly elevate your mood and disposition.

Most sales people can be more upbeat and enthusiastic simply by relaxing and focussing on doing a great job for customers. You tend to get more of what you are thinking about. Your outer sales world is a reflection of your inner thoughts, beliefs, and images. You are in charge of your mind. Manage yourself well.

Always be supportive of yourself and appreciative of your current and emerging capabilities.. To realize your sales potential, note your present altitude and keep gently pushing in the upward direction you want to go.