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Today’s up and coming salesperson is more of a ‘helper’ than a ‘pitcher’. Prospects don’t want to be solicited or pressured. Instead, customers expect to be understood and assisted.

In this new space, take a second look at how you can best present and position your product. Think about two areas: 1) Giving the person information that will help them move ahead with a ‘yes’ decision, and 2) Raising the individual’s enthusiasm for the purchase.

As you move forward in your career, become an expert about the product or service you are selling. Know it very well. Do you? Is what you are selling right and correct for your customer? What product related advice can you give them that will help the most?

It’s often been stated that people buy with their emotions. At the extreme, an individual who is a very rational purchaser has a strong investment in being logical and making sound, smart decisions. Once you discover what motivates a person to act, you can better frame the purchase from this perspective. You can elevate a person’s interest by talking in their language. What is important to this woman or man? What do they value? How can your product or service brighten your client’s day?

Seller, beware of getting caught up in automatic pilot by relying on outmoded habits and routines from yesterday. Things have changed. Buyers have established their own comparative benchmarks. Are you measuring up and coming out on top? Thoughtfully consider how you can better understand, assist, and support your customers.