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Are you prepared? Spend five minutes more on your background work than you do now. Refine your introductory questions. Make your ‘elevator pitch’ compelling. Have short, medium and long versions for different scenarios. Regularly practise each. Record and play back your presentation. Keep improving.

Corporate buyers reveal that more than half of the new sales agents who call on them are largely unprepared. In the initial dialogue, the representative shows minimal knowledge about the target company. Frequently, the sales person sounds less able than the competition to meet the purchaser’s needs. Why would they switch? Would you buy in? Source and note two reasons why you are better than the competition that will be valued by your prospect.

Experiment with slightly more call preparation. Find out what is special about the Organization you are calling on. What do they stand for? Where do they aim to go? How can your product or service enhance their values? Based on your social media analysis, what questions can you ask the buyer that will make them feel more engaged with you?

Doing deliberate pre-meeting work will help keep your foot in the doorway of the client’s consciousness. Then you will be better positioned to go forward with the sale.

In first calls, have the purchaser experience the best of you. A little extra of the right preparation will help you sell yourself long.

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