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What is new and exciting about you and the product you are moving? Sales professionals especially need to guard against a ‘saw that, done that’ mentality. Sharpen your edge with an ever fresh perspective and a general feeling of success and prosperity.

Make your clients feel special. Ask interesting questions that will better absorb customers into the sales experience. Draw people in. Capture both their attention and imagination. Why should the client do business with you? What is in it for them?

Bolster your product familiarity. Are you an expert in what you are selling? Are you in the process of becoming a sales master?

Gradually increase your effectiveness by strengthening and adding to your knowledge and skills. If you get better by 1% each month that seemingly modest increase will become substantial a year from now. The time will go by anyway. Use the months to your advantage.

In your calendar, schedule five minutes every Friday afternoon to review your career goals and to plan for the future. Reflect on what you can do to stay ahead of the competition. As a sales professional, how can you be better than you are now? How can you best step forward? Anything you need to let go of that may be getting in your way?

We are either advancing in our craft or sliding back. Follow the continuous improvement path. Remain in demand with your customers. Be an ‘interesting to know’ type of person. Stay vibrant in sales.