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Extra difficult and super demanding customers are a challenge for even the most skilled sales professionals. Sooner or later you are likely to experience the worst of that person in front of you. Your objective in these fortunately infrequent situations is to be as helpful as possible while facing adversity. Recognize that while you may not be able to make the situation perfect, you will do your upmost to improve it.

Remain calm and relaxed. Breathe deeply. Listen carefully to the person. Speak slower. What does the individual want from you? Perhaps to be heard and understood? You can do this.

Ask yourself: ‘within my authority and all things considered, what is the most I can do to assist this person?’ Then move forward on that basis. Acknowledge to yourself that you have handled the situation well. Anything you can do better next time?

In life, make it a habit to associate with enthusiastic, joyful, forward thinking people. Minimize and actively manage time with those who drain your energy and dampen your disposition.

Remember that nothing said or done by any client can throw you off your professional approach. Only your reaction to the other person’s conduct can do that. Stay upbeat and do your best to be helpful.