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How you feel about your work will affect your longer term sales performance. To the extent you are doing what you enjoy, you will experience a good deal of career satisfaction. Conversely, the greater the gap between your job duties and your true interests, the more you will feel dissatisfied and unmotivated.

There are two crucial questions that must be considered integral with top tier career engagement: 1) what are you naturally good at? 2) what do you enjoy doing?

To re-discover what you are naturally good at, visit your collection of childhood memories. Thinking back, identify what was effortless for you. What comes easily reflects your innate abilities. When you can just be yourself there’s a wonderful flow to life and a connection with all that is.

‘What you enjoy doing’ focuses on your true interests. As you do what you like, you are continuously rejuvenated. Each sales interaction is new and fresh.

Periodically ask yourself what you are naturally good at. And now and then reflect on what you enjoy doing. Notice how these simple yet effective questions can illuminate your job abilities and vocational interests.

For most sales people, there is significant overlap between their abilities and interests. They are concentric circles. Where they intersect is career joy. The more time you spend in this space the happier you will be. We are fortunate to be part of this wonderful sales profession.