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Since we tend to get more of what we are focussing on, it’s worthwhile to periodically examine our habits of thought. What are your frequent and most powerful mental movies? Are they taking you where you want to go? Does your inner conversation and accompanying imaginary pictures support your goals and business objectives?

Over the next several days, be aware of what you are thinking about and how you see the world. Don’t judge or criticize yourself. Just observe. Note what is going on in your mind and the conclusions you are drawing.

When you find yourself going down a counter-productive path, be glad you have noticed that you are heading in an errant direction. Silently and firmly say: “Cancel Cancel”. Now think and re-visualize things as you would like them to be. Get back on track.

During your waking hours, pay more attention to how you want to feel and where you want to go. Pay less attention to personal problems and set-backs. By all means solve dilemmas but guard against making them larger than they are.

Many people defeat themselves in life without ever realizing they are limiting or even undermining their success. Make sure your inner conversation and the associated mental pictures you carry are aligned with your aspirations. That is an effective way to utilize your resources and to move forward with confidence and enthusiasm.