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Are you upset, annoyed, frustrated or sad? When experiencing negative emotions, here are four ideas to consider:

1) Remind yourself that there is nothing inherently wrong with negativity. It is far better to acknowledge your state of mind than to deny it or label it as ‘bad’. Always support yourself!

2) Put your mindset in perspective. It is only one small thing in an enormous universe. You always have a larger, more important life beyond your immediate situation or problem.

3) Don’t take your negativity too seriously. Do your thoughts reflect the real you? Or are they more attributable to your past conditioning? The Grand Masters tell us we are much more than what we think about. In the midst of negativity, can you connect with your deeper self? What does this feel like?

4) Rather than dwelling on the negative, focus instead on how you want to feel and on where you want to go. Making this a habit will put you more in charge of your thinking and reasoning processes.

Of course choose the positive – but do not deny the negative. Recognize where you are and then follow through to achieve what you want. Once in a while, be positively negative.