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Successful sales professionals have a clear intent to bring in business. Based on their experience, they anticipate customers buying. They also expect some clients to resist. Seasoned performers are comfortable with rejection because they understand a “no” leads to a “yes”.

Rejection is integral to the world of sales. If selling were easy, with no push backs or resistance, everyone would be doing it. Getting past “no” makes the selling process exciting, vibrant, and rewarding. Every “no” is an opportunity to become better at what you do.

People are forever buying things. Look around. The tide rhythmically turns and a past “no” becomes a new “yes”.

Be cautious in taking a negative response too personally. Remind yourself what you did well in the customer interaction. Note an area where you can improve and make a commitment to do so. As long as you are continually moving forward, rejection will never get in your way.