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Here is a fun methodology to realize new sales opportunities in addition to the ‘hunting’ activities you are presently employing.

Take 30 seconds several times a day and imagine you are being showered by $50 bills. Pretend you are in a dream. See money floating down around you. Hear in your imagination the bills gently touching down. Feel excited and wonderful. Now resume your normal sales activities.

This mentalism approach is intended to improve your relationship with money. The exercise is a deeper metaphor for cultivating a richer state of mind. Of course you can substitute the currency bills with customer orders, client thank you notes, or whatever rewards / advice you would like to receive. One executuve told us: “Twice daily, for six months, I imagined cards slowly landing on my desk. On each was a printed sales tip. The targeted counsel was helpful”.

Try out this simple process and discover if it is right for you.